The Kingdom of Heaven among us is more simple than many think. It is Jesus front and center. Some years ago I decided I wanted to preach about the supremacy of Jesus. ‘But what are you going to preach about Jesus?’ enquired the elder earnestly. ‘Just Jesus’ I replied. Sometimes we might get the impression that Jesus Himself is not enough. As though He has to be added to in some way. Have you ever wondered how Jesus managed getting about being Himself without a sound system and a clutch of speakers?

I wondered that myself when fiddling my thumbs once for over an hour while a friend ‘set up.’ Couldn’t help wondering about the imbalance in attention given to the sound boxes compared to the attention given to Jesus. But then some might argue that the praise and worship segment is Jesus. Well it can be
towards Him. If it is, how come praise and worship is so often referred to as ‘it.’ As in ‘the praise and worship was so good tonight.’ But isn’t praise and worship something we do? And if this is an ‘it’ are we actually worshiping Jesus or some subtle idol that we have worked up between ourselves as this ‘thing’ charismatics do.

Don’t mistake me. Praising and worshiping Jesus when the music is good and our hearts are towards Him is a blessing and delight. But it’s a snare when it’s us ‘getting ourselves off’ on some thing that is really about us. Also, we live in the new covenant now. Jesus is not somewhere else and we must summon Him by earnest praise and worship. He lives in us and walks among us. Having said this, the entire inhabitants of heaven are turned on by Jesus. In heaven He is more than a star. He is the universe! Angels and other beings – there are a lot there, including the departed redeemed, LOVE HIM. They respond to His love. HE IS LOVE!

Jesus always drew folks to Himself. He did not offer any clobber. He drew them to Himself because He was the life of heaven and because He was the way to the Father. His message was amazingly simple. I am life. I am your life. You get to the Father by believing in me.

‘And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son’ 1 John 5.7 NIV.

Some Believers are fortunate because they belong to a Jesus culture. Jesus is their life personally and the life of their fellowship. How blessed are we when Jesus Himself is our life and we are not straining to squeeze life from abstractions like community, prophecy, miracles or praise and worship. How brimming with life are those who live entirely in the Spirit of Christ! All of course are part of His life – but it’s only His Kingdom when it’s all about Him and we are sitting at His feet and have placed all our things at His feet.

‘There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her’ Luke 10.42 NLT.