Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you
December 2017


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In the old testament God could be near people, instruct them in dreams, counsel them through angels, come upon them with His Spirit and demonstrate His power through signs and miracles. But as yet He lived in no one. Read More…



Spirituality is the inter-woveness of you and God. Read More…


Since Jesus’ resurrection, none of us need live in the knowledge of good and evil. Strictly speaking, we do not live in the knowledge of God - for one cogent reason. We live in God because Christ is our life. This life is so simple. Yet thousands have never entered it.

Our life in Christ is not a feat of piety. There is no religiosity about it. It is not achieved by adherence to selected rules. It’s not doing Christian stuff or perfecting an outlook of ‘what would Jesus do.’ It's simply the spirit of Jesus manifesting as you. That’s what Christ your life is – Jesus Spirit revealed as you. Not as a basket of actions and attitudes but AS YOU.

You are the expression of Christ when you believe you are.


If we are going to bumble along living religion and the old covenant wineskin - the anointing of Holy Spirit will not help us. This anointing is the effect of our already achieved union with God. The anointing cannot be sustained in old covenant separation.
If we persist in old covenant disjunction living out Adam and Moses and a religion of morality and Christian values, we will have the shadow. But we will miss the reality of Christ our life. As Jesus said, ‘I am life!’ As Paul declared, ‘Living is Christ!’ This is not you living the Christian religion. It is Christ
manifesting as you.

I write ‘as you’ to emphasise a mighty truth: that
Christ is actually your life. This is not being Christ-like. It's Jesus revealed as you. It is Father releasing His nature through you. The result is you being daughters and sons in spirit and in truth.


All for whom Christ is life live this way. But none who seek life in the law and performance live in this inheritance. Because the law is not alive but dead. Don’t drag around a body of death in the name of life!

‘But what does Scripture say? "Get rid of the slave woman and her son, for the slave woman's son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman's son’ Gal 4.30 NIV.

The simplicity of the Kingdom is this:
Christ is your everything. He is your grace, your forever-belonging in God and your spirit and life every day. He is God revealed in you and God revealing Himself to you. He is God expressing Himself to others through you. He is Christ come in your flesh. Truly Christ is all and in all. There are no substitutes for Him. No days, no holy times or places, no raiment and special hats and veils and no food. Not even the bread and the wine have a life of their own. They denote the greater reality that those who eat Christ live because He is their life!

Kristen Couchey writes,
'We are anointed like Christ. Jesus was the Christ (meaning anointed one). When the Lord anoints with His Spirit He gives both the Divine Nature (love) of God and the Divine Authority of God. With the Divine Nature we are anointed with is the manifestation of Christ IN us. It is nurtured through learning to walk by faith (rest) and obedience to the indwelling Holy Spirit. Truly learning to rest with Him IN us is the key to embracing His nature. We are changed as we behold Him as in a mirror, within our innermost being (Christ in me).’
It's rest more than busyness that nurtures a flow of heaven’s life. ‘Busy-busy’ people typically do not release spirit and life. They simply create activity. Those whose rest in God through their Jesus life multiply more spirit and life in a day than the busy-busy believer does in a life-time. ‘Busy-busy’ work is mostly misguided and bereft of spirit and life. Like Martha wanting to make sandwiches Jesus did not ask for. You don’t’ have to live like this. Embrace Jesus as your life and stop trying to copy Him and be ‘Christ-like.’ You never will. But when we allow Jesus to be our life His nature and ways manifest by the Spirit As US. Don’t be so misguided as to try and advance the gospel by self-effort.
‘Are you so foolish? After beginning by means of the Spirit, are you now trying to finish by means of the flesh?’ Gal 3.3 NIV.
When Christ is your life this by the Spirit as defined in Romans 8. You are one with Him and one with our Father. Now as well as only doing what Father is doing, you are joined to His plan for the universe and for your life. You are one with His logos and one with His person. You are a son, not notionally, but in sprit and in truth.
‘We heard him say, 'I will destroy this temple made with human hands and in three days will build another, not made with hands’ Mark 14.58 NIV.
‘In him you were also circumcised with a circumcision not performed by human hands. Your whole self ruled by the flesh was put off when you were circumcised by Christ’ Col 2.11 NIV.
His church is the manifestation of Himself because you are the manifestation of Christ.
The church Jesus makes without human hands is the manifestation of Himself in those who choose Him as their life. There's nothing of institutionalism here. Nor of religion. It's Christ come in the flesh of those who receive Him as life.

His church appears anywhere persons live in Jesus instead of religion. Never distinguished by structures, His church is entirely the product of spirit and life. If you are a pastor or a teacher you may need to stop pushing your try-harder gospel and reverence for religion. Think about getting with
His Gospel - the gospel of our Father and the Son. Then you will have aligned yourself with the Spirit of Truth. Some of us need to bring our ideas to the cross and get with God’s ideas. This is the mind of Christ and the Kingdom of God.

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So there’s more than Christmas and Baby Jesus to take account of. There’s ADULT YOU in a mature understanding of the Kingdom. There’s Christ’s life as your life and your life in the Spirit of Sonship rather than in a body of death. Who lives in a body of death? Anyone connected to the law.
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