Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Our focus had been that Christ is our life. Not morality is our life. Morality cannot make one moral. Nor can it provide us with spirit and life. Spirit and life is the difference between the life of God and the life of man elevated to religion.
Leanne Payne observes that humanity is driven to erect a structure of morality and attempt to live from it; she sees that this morality can take on a life of its own by which it tyrannises us and suffocates us of real life. She is offering us a description of life in the knowledge of good and evil – a life in Adam and not in Christ. A separated life where we live in the parts when we could be living in the whole.
The whole is the Source of our origin and being. The Whole is God.
In the new covenant we live in God and He in us. Moses did not have this. Neither did David. Paul did. So did John and so do you. Live in what you have!
We become Holy as Jesus is holy. We are whole because we are alive in His wholeness and graced with His being. We are sons and we manifest the character and nature of our Father in whose spirit we live.
Christ came to manifest as us. The plan of heaven was, and is, to manifest their life through our being. They live in us. But in 200 years what was meant to be Christ manifest as people has to a large extent become Christ supposedly manifest as the institution of the church. But the plan was never to perpetrate structures or abstractions. The plan is to manifest God in His daughters and sons. We must align with this to be the Kingdom of God.
It maybe thought that we have been rid of the worst stagnation of Catholicism. But we need not dig very deep to find a detrimental illusion. This is the common assumption that the institutional church is the mediator of Christ and that some of its celebrities are the voice of God. So we try to see God through personalities and structures. But all of us have been given Christ eyes to see and Christ ears to hear. But wait. There’s more and it’s worse than this. We’ve come to think that morality is God. This is not so different to the notion that the law is God’s character. Well law is not God’s character. Jesus is!
God is not represented by anything less than Himself. There is no law that is separate from God and no rendition of rightness to which He is subservient. At the same time we are alive and righteousness when we are in God; when we are participating in His nature and living as sons of His Family. We already belong. To say that ‘In Him we live, move and have our being’ is to say that we participate in His love, His life, His liberty and His righteousness. It is to say that we are sons of our Father. This is why moral crusades are so unfortunate. They mispresent our Father and distort or miss completely the Spirit of Sonship.
We have father’s nature because we came from Him, because His Spirit is in us and because Jesus has given us that oneness with Father than is His oneness. This is what transforms us and defines us as sons.
God cannot be known through the law or from a program of moral rectitude. Many legalists think they know God. Worse still they presume to speak for Him! They imply that He is the Law-Monger in Chief of the Universe. The law of the Spirit of Life is not Moses or scriptural specifications. It’s a Him. It is His Son. In Him is life that life is the light of all who live.
God cannot be known through the law or from rules. Neither is He known through a belief system. Such a lens blinds the viewer and distorts who God is. There’s a reason why those who live in these veils are blind men walking. They live in separation from God.
God is Jesus Christ. Law-mongering is the hope of distorted Christianity and the engine of Islam. God is known through Jesus and experienced through Holy Spirit. Spirit ministers Father and Son and Himself into our being. We know God as He is through the Jesus lens. A sage writes of the need to see God and ourselves and His plan in Jesus.
"Unfortunately, even if we have once seen, we lose our full vision repeatedly. It is hard awake even after having been once awakened. That's why we keep going back to the well to wash our eyes. We need to refresh our seeing. We forget. We start clinging and protecting. Unless there is a readiness to let go, we will not see the vision of the whole again. God cannot be seen through such a small and dirty lens."
A dirty lens and a polluted crucible and separation from God: Religion. This is why Christianity as a whole is so insipid and but a shadow of the reality that is Christ. It’s why some cultures never grow, even though they come into the Spirit and learn of the anointing. They just stall and wither. When Christ is our life we become trees of righteousness and life.
God cannot be seen through the knowledge of good and evil, the law, religion or Churchianity. But He is seen and known through Jesus. Make sure YOUR JESUS is the Christ of God, the I AM of Jesus Himself and not some construct arising from a distorted gospel or decadent Christianity that forgot or never knew who we are in Jesus. His church appears by spontaneous generation when it is the manifestation of Jesus – the expression of the Christ of God because people know that Christ is their life. When Jesus is our life we sit in the trinity as well as in our lounge rooms. The trinity lives in us and manifests itself individually as us and as the community of the church.

The Kingdom will never appear through some reformulation of institutionalism. ‘Getting church right’ is not the way ahead. But living in THE LIVING WAY IS. It’s Christ our life. Avoid the stupidity and humbug of messianic institutionalism. The church is simply Jesus manifest as you, minus the encumbrances of the flesh and the vanity of clericalism.