Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world



The Gospel of the Kingdom is not a gospel of morality; not a gospel of good morality over bad. It’s not even Jesus plus good morality. This gospel is JESUS IS LIFE. Here is it is: ‘In Him is life and that life is the life of human beings.’
You might remember that the Jewish leaders chose their law, their morality over LIFE ITSELF. They sentenced Jesus to death  because he offended their law in little ways and big. The big was saying He was the Son of God. So Jesus was crucified for being what He was: God’s Son and the life of the world.
Jesus represents all who stand for life rather than for religion. People often attract rejection, scorn and violence for  telling the truth, for uncovering humbug and promoting life to the full. But to promote Jesus as life is to be on the side of redemption and on the winning side.
Religion appears so ‘common sense’ but it makes those who live in it dead men walking and dead women talking. Why was Jesus so free and whole? He lived entirely from His Father and not from any form of human regulation of the law. In Father He was free to be free. Free to be who He was. Free to be Himself. In this state of being Jesus revealed His Father’s glory. His own glory and ours.
When Jesus is our life we walk in the light of life. Make any addition to Him and our eyes glaze over and we enter a fog of confusion. Christians can be confused in this sense. Living from Christianity they imagine they are living from the Christ. But they are not. They are living from religion. This can bread the more rabid of the knowledge of good and evil ideologues – the dogs of judgment rather than life-giving representative of Jesus grace and truth.
In Christ our life we have better than morality. We have His life as ours. We become conformed to the righteousness of our Father and the image of The Son of Man. So it’s not anything goes in Jesus. But it is grace and the impartation of His life as ours.

The Gospel of Jesus’ Kingdom is not a moral war. His gospel is I AM YOUR LIFE! His Gospel of the Kingdom is not the knowledge of good and evil with a ‘Jesus Boost.’ It  is Christ our life.
At the present time in Australia we have the “marriage equality” issue. As Believers we need to be full of grace and truth. Don’t be intimidated by controlling voices. Don’t be put down by demonic insinuations. Give evidence for your position without hate or condemnation. Hate does not come from God whether it is coming from Believers or those who despise our position. Whatever the result don’t judge people. If their cause is carried the sky is not going to fall. God can use every state of affairs to eventually draw people into fellowship with Himself. There’s some good counsel here on how we might
deport ourselves as representative of Jesus here.