Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


The genius of the new covenant is not only that Christ manifests Himself in each of us and by implication as the church. By the Spirit He manifests as us. As us in our individual uniqueness and as the completeness of Himself as all of us. This is the church Jesus builds without human hands, which is to say without legalism and contrivance, because He has come in our flesh. Come in our flesh to manifest Himself as the real and genuine new creation ‘us.’ Come in our flesh to manifest Himself in the sons of God in spirit, because our being is the manifestation of the spirit of our Father and in truth because we have been reborn and matured into the verisimilitude of who we really are as sons and daughters of God.

Let’s be clear. We cant live the old covenant and manifest the new creation Kingdom of God. We live the new covenant by the simple expedient of agreeing that Jesus is entirely our life.

Some seem to think that we are the fullness of Christ as the church because together we form the complete body. But this becomes a fact only when each of us are living in the fullness of who Jesus is for each of us, in the fullness of what He has done for us and the fullness of new covenant union with God.

Old covenant is the glass half empty saying it is full.

Life in the flesh is living in the law and old covenant – even when we know something of Holy Spirit and the anointing. Life in the spirit is paradoxically Christ come in our flesh. It is Christ our life and Galatians 2.20 writ large.

A sincere church does not live in fullness and completeness if it is living in the old covenant or some of the old and some of the new. It lives like a hobbled race horse or an eagle with only one wing. Fullness comes from the person of Jesus manifest by the Spirit in you and I and as the church for whom Christ alone is life. This is life in the Spirit. It manifests in our flesh and becomes the new creation which is the Kingdom of God in spirit and in truth.