Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Writing in The Age, Peter Hartcher observed, “‘John Howard recently described identity politics as "poison". One of the problems of modern politics, he said, was that "we have become too preoccupied with identity politics.’ … ‘The Wall Street Journal's conservative editorial board used the same word - "poison" - to describe identity politics in a piece published a couple of days earlier.’” What identity politics is to democracy identity religion is the Kingdom of God - poison, debilitation and death.
Some never get to share revelation of speak words of spirit and life because rather than  sons they are creatures of identity religion. You have a personal identity in Christ. As the expression of Jesus we have our collective identity in Jesus. His real church is the expression of Himself in His people. So let’s get over identity religion.

Some never get to share revelation of speak words of spirit and life because rather than  enter their identity as sons they are creatures of identity religion.’

The degree to which any of our beliefs and teaching differ to the gospel of Christ and the teaching of the apostles is the degree to which we perpetuate ill-health and death in the name of God.

A preoccupation with ‘Identity Religion’ will dull our perception of Christ and smother our expression of His life, both personally and as a community of belief. Some celebrate non-sectarianism even as they hold like limpets to the notion of their specialness in a specific denominational identity. Here is an identity they believe confers  a degree of status and merit with people and with God. They take pride in it and  see themselves as entitled to some status because of it. The only real identity each of us have is, ‘ I am a son of God.’ We have this identity in the Christ of God. We lose this identity in false christs and ‘other gospels.’ “Identity religion” is just as dwarfing to the Kingdom of God as identity politics is disruptive to society.  

We have no right to any perspective, any teaching any gospel other than the Gospel of Jesus, John and Paul. Any divergence from this is not the gospel of the Kingdom. We can live in a rabbit burrow of ‘Our Beliefs’ and develop ears that cannot hear and eyes that cannot see while living under the illusion of God’s blessing. Drops of blessing we may received but this is nothing to the rivers of life that grace grace us from the teaching of the apostles.

There are teachers like Thomas Merton, Robert Rohr and T. F Torrence and W.M. Paul Young, who are mighty men and apostolic teachers on behalf of Christ. Irrespective of their culture and their denominational conditioning, they sought Jesus without condition and without limitation. Not circumscribed by previous assumptions or circumscribed by doctrinal fences they have access to the Spirit without limit and therefore of truth without limit. This is why they speak revelation rather than platitudes and possess discernment rather than cliches. Christ is manifest in them. They reveal Christ, our Father, Holy Spirit and the Gospel they graced us with words of spirit and life.