Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


I enjoy people who are spend time in thought, who reflect on their lives with humour and wisdom. I have friends like this. Some who are Christians. Some who are not. There are non-believers who are ‘more Godly’ and more human than the Christian who lives as a one dimensional man in the Babylonian system of greed and un-love. It is an unfortunate fact that many alternative life-stylers of the green persuasion, who do not know God officially, can be more in tune with God, with themselves and nature than the Christian whose life is nothing more than being a cog in the system of production and consumption. This is because God is a spirit – not a belief system.

If you have relatives who have mastered the world system and gained more than a modicum of affluence, you might be familiar their bigotry and aware of their opinionated chatter. And their willingness to offer their spiritual bankruptcy as a practical help. As successful as they may be they are spiritually poor. Avoid the mistake of turning to these folks to lead your churches.

It is not until all of us ‘suffer some catastrophe of a near death kind where our psyche is crushed and our ego flattened, that we begin to look for a more real alternative to our superficial wisdom.
One dimensional man is more a machine than a person. He has invented himself in the likeness of the god from which he draws his meaning and sustenance – the economic system.


Robert Rohr writes, ‘
If producing and consuming are the only games we play, they harden into our reality. Yes, it is a false reality, but it can grow more real to us as we grow older. It's consequently harder to convert [to being a human being] as we grow older. If we still believe that the system of producing and consuming is the real world, the only world, by the time we're fifty, there's almost no way out. It requires a major transformation of consciousness to learn how to let go of this false reality if we've lived a life of comparing, differentiating, judging, and controlling.

Win/lose is the only game most of us understand. We have a constant unspoken need for domination [which is why they talk so much] and actually find no enjoyment in win/win situations. Love and freedom cannot grow in such self-preoccupied and calculating minds. When we live out of ego, we impose our demands on reality.

But when we live in God's presence,
we await reality's demands on us. One with our Father we see what He sees, know what He knows and gain sovereignty over our lives. We are never alone and able to impart His spirit and life to circumstances rather than enduring as victims and pawns.


Here is expressed both the truth and the joy of real life. We are part of the whole and the whole is a person – our Father who is not only in heaven but with us on earth imparting life and meaning to all we do. Yet there is more than this. His Spirit lives in us. We are joined to the community in the trinity and are partakers of their love of people and love of life. One with God we are one with creation and the human race.

Some of us would have been just as happy if born as an engine. As a cog in the system we are merely ‘doers’ like a three cylinder diesel engine running relentlessly and forever pumping water from a swamp. Here as a human being and a son we are separated from our nature. Yet we can be more than our obsessions when we take the time to contemplate. One cannot be a thinker if one is no more than what one does. We cannot contemplate and assess if we are involved only in the fending off, of scarcity. Here we will never get to live the abundant life of the soul even if we are a person of means.

In this state one is dependent on what is, what one is used to and what one can control. The status-quo is our idol and our god. The droll outlook of the stagnant, brain-dead conservative is born – rigid in mind and bound to the past in the vain hope that the present can be controlled and the future made to submit to the past. There’s more to being a human being than living in a forty-four gallon drum and shouting, ‘Don’t change anything!’ through the bunghole. In Christ and living in God we can reign over the past, present and future without oppressing others and shrivelling our own spirit. We can live as what we are: Sons and daughters of God.