Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


A sage has called separation ‘the great darkness.’ Greatly dark because it exists in the midst of new covenant light. As sons of God we are being who we are: Sons. As workers we are working vainly - working to be what we already are - sons of God. In Him we live, move and have our being – when we are in the new covenant - not in the separation of the old.
In separation we attempt to be God's sons by what we do. Ever yearning and never leaning, we strive to be what the new creation has already made us: Sons and daughters of God. We are sons today because God has put us into Himself through His Son Jesus. We are one with God. The key to the triumph of the church is not more zeal, more Holy Spirit or more warfare against sin. The key is worshiping in spirit and in truth which is Jesus as our life. Here we are worshiping Jesus who is the Christ of God and acknowledging that we have been received into God. When we live in the reality that is Christ we and Father are one, we will have more fun. More contentment and freedom to be ourselves will be ours and we will have The Spirit without limit - nothing will be too hard for us.
This is quite different to what has been implied and even taught in religion – that the worst thing is to be yourself! Well the best thing is to be yourself in Father as a son. This is your glory and the glory of our Father and it will produce much fruit.
But more than this, in our persons, as we live in the Spirit of Sonship, we will be spirit and life. As John Powell puts it,
fully human and fully alive. This state of being can never be ours under the law or in the law. The law will shrink our being and make us less than Gods - certainly less than Gods sons. As Paul implies in Galatians, we remain as workers and slaves. The invitation to eat of the tree is an invitation to live from the law and to act from definitions of good and evil. The tree was a lie then and it is a lie today. No one gets Godly by keeping the law. But you do live as sons when Christ is your life.
‘For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil’ Gen 3.5 NIV. This was a lie then and religion promotes this lie today.
‘I said, 'You are "gods"; you are all sons of the Most High’ Ps 82.6 NIV. Here humans are described as gods because they are the sons and daughters of God. We are not divine. But we originated before time began and we will continue as the family of God into eternity.
In the law - read in the knowledge of good and evil - we try to be better than we are but continually remain worse than we are. Law and definitions of the good can define righteousness but can make none righteous.
The old covenant was obey and live. The new covenant is you are alive in Me. The Israelites had said, ‘All that the Lord has said we will do.’ But they were greatly presumptuous. Being godly through good deeds was a lie in the garden and it is a lie today. This separates us from God. We cannot live in separation and get to be godly. This lie is a subtle form of witchcraft. It is the essence of the anti-Christ spirit, the reason for the fall and the cause of the current torpor of the church and the notion that success for the Kingdom is found in trying harder. Surprisingly fruitfulness is found in resting harder! Rest in where He has placed you in Himself.
There is one mediator between God and people. In Christ we are one with God and in fellowship with the trinity. We and Father are one and have received full authority to be ourselves in Christ’ One with Father we release heaven into our domains on earth and roll back the power of the Enemy in the name of Jesus and the authority of sons.
You can attempt to live a disconnected life in a culture of The Spirit and the gifts while remaining in separation because your husband is the law. You can attempt this but it will not meet with success. This stance will dull the Spirit around you and dull you. Sure there may be some initial manifestations but they cannot last. For these to be retained and grow we must be rooted in New Testament reality: The reality that is Christ and your union with Father.
If we are still in the law we are separated in our minds from Father, from ourselves and others. In John 17 it is clear that union with God is the power that makes us one with each other to demonstrate the love of God. Jesus has made the two one. Now we are one with God. Our fragmented self has been healed. Released from self-loathing we are free to love God, be loved by God and to love others.
In deceiving us into the lie of law and separation, the Enemy succeeded in separating ourselves from ourselves and from Father. The words ‘made the two one’ in Ephesians have great significance. It’s not just about Jews and gentiles. It’s about us. Communion with all depends on union with Father and peace in our inner being. Jesus is our peace. Similarly Paul’s words ‘Christ our life’ point to oneness and union. No longer do we live in dichotomies of the kind described by Leanne Payne. We are one with Father, one with the Holy Family and one with ourselves. No separation here. He has made the two one. Christ is in you, the trinity abides in you and you live with Christ in the presence of God. So be done with the talk of ‘keeping close to Jesus.’ He is never somewhere else.
 ‘For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your
life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory’ Col 3.3,4 NIV.
Michael Kapler writes ‘
To gain more perspective of the bigger picture, let’s step back to the beginning of humanity on planet earth and observe the results of the first commandment that was given. It wasn't a piece of good-looking fruit that lured Adam and Eve. The real target with the temptation was to challenge their identity. Essentially, the serpent said, "Do this," and then they would become like the Most High.
They lost sight of the truth that they were already like God, created in his image. It is common for us to assume they were trying to rebel against God and pursue sin, or had some type of evil motive. But the temptation was centered on the desire to be more like God, and they chose to take measures into their own hands. The result was becoming like God in a way that God never desired knowing good and evil.
During his forty days in the wilderness, Jesus endured temptation in the same way as Adam, in that he was challenged on the basis of identity. The devil came at him with something like this: "If you are the Son of God, do something to prove it, turn these stones into bread!" I think the argument could be made that turning stones into bread might be considered a good thing, but doing anything to prove who you are as a child of God is simply eating from the wrong tree.
… The of the knowledge of good and evil represented the morality tree where man would choose to develop his own standard instead of trusting in the life of God that had been gifted them. The result was passing from life to death.’
The choice is ours today. We can agree that Christ is our life, rejoice that He actually does live in our being by the Spirit, take heart in the fact that His nature and grace is funnelled into our being in spirit and in truth; live in the fact that we are the righteousness of God in Christ and find freedom to be, to grow and never be alienated by our sin in His infinite grace. Grace is another word for His love and the guarantee of the truth that Jesus loves us as we are rather than what we should be.