Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Fullness is you in your new covenant union with God. It’s eating all of the pizza instead of being left with one small piece. We live from the reality we create for ourselves. Make sure your reality is the reality He has given us.

Spiritual gifts are called fruits of the Spirit for a reason. They are the result of our living in the Spirit of Sonship - the condition of abundance that is ours by
the at-one-ment of God, in which we and Father have been made one.

‘I in them and you in me--so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me’
John 17.23 NIV. With new covenant union we personally and the church have Jesus’ union with His Father. This is the source of our wholeness of being, our new creation dynamic and the soil of the anointing. It means we are walking in the light and not in the darkness. The ‘great darkness’ is the illusion that we live in separation from God when God has given us union with Himself. The greatest cause of poor discernment is living in the ‘great darkness.’

There is a natural spiritual relationship between fullness and the gifts of the Spirit. The latter are not stand-alone entities. Their origin is the trinity, the vine is Jesus and the branches are us. ‘Fullness’ refers to being living in the fullness of who God is and experiencing the fullness of sons. Such fullness is distinct from the gifts, a priori to the gifts and the ground from which the gifts spring.

A brief history of salvation is that we came out of the trinity and we have been brought back into it. Union is ours. Today - since the resurrection and Pentecost - we are the sons of God in spirit and in truth. Not notionally or poetically but in reality. We are one with God. Fullness is the expression of union with God – notional in old covenant living. Achieved and real in the new. New covenant is Christ as our life: God as our life. Fullness is the trinity having full reign in our being.

Jesus said, ‘I and the Father are one.’ This was His reality and His mind-set. He did what Father was doing because they were one – Father as His Son’s ground of being and the Son as an extension of His Father. In this oneness of being Jesus had the Spirit without limit.

The Son stepped into our world and made us one with Himself. One with Him we are one with Father and the Spirit. We are now living in the luxury of the spirit of sonship. One with God we are one with ourselves and one with each other. In John 17 Jesus’ prays about the unity He is achieving with Father for us: God in us and us in God. This is fullness.

Christ is our life everyday. He is our Extinguisher of our sin and guilt, the Un-doer of the wages of sin, the Emblem of our real selves and all that God envisaged we be as sons and daughters. Christ is our fullness.

I was once taught that the Ten Commandments were the description of God’s character. But they are not. God is not a list. Jesus is God revealed. Jesus is His character. The son is the exact representation of the Father and the exact representation of who you are as a person and son of God. This is fullness.

Fullness in Christ is knowing this, living in it and rejoicing in being yourself. The true representation of who you are is not some prominent, good character quality or a bunch of them. Neither is it some supernatural gifting. Fullness for you and for Father is you living in the fullness of who Father is. It is you flourishing in the fullness of what He has done for you. Fullness is all of us maturing into the fullness of who you were designed to be in Christ. In this mode you, like Jesus, have the Spirit without limit. You are a son of God. Fullness is our mutual advance into the infinite glory of the spirit of sonship. 

The basis of fullness is our new covenant union with God. Spiritual gifts, which are a function of our sonship cannot flourish in old covenant separation mode. In Adam and Moses we live in separation from God. In law and old covenant, the gifts may begin and the signs may shine but they die out as they cannot be sustained from this innate separation and affinity with Adam’s non life. Jesus has cut us loose from the body of death. We can advance into life with joy and thanks giving. You and Father are one. Live in it!