Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Remove a young plant from the soil and it withers and dies. It’s separated from all that nourishes it. This is us in the law as opposed to us in the spirit of Christ. By the One Spirit, we and Father are one.


You have union with God. The law is dead. Your spirit is alive because of Christ.
In Him you are rooted in eternity because your being is driven down deep into the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Here you are united with Father and united with yourself, which means you are whole and complete as a daughter or a son. Your past, your present and your future is in God. You are sons in God. You are the expression of our Father which makes you a son in spirit and in truth.

This union is the ground of the spirit of sonship. Also of the anointing. You are one because the separation of the law is dead and our union with God is alive. Now you have the Spirit without limit. Your being is grounded in God and you minister in the gifts and fruits of the Spirit. Living in an old covenant mindset, the spirit of sonship is dead to you. You are a blind man walking. Living in the new Christ is your life. You have sonship in the Son. You were blind but now you see.

You are in God and God is in you. This is the essence of sonship and the only valid kind. Sons are not orphans. They are the expression of the Great Reality which is union with God by the One Spirit. Now you are the sons of God. Not notionally but in spirit and in truth.