Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


I hope there are many Believers who are more than ‘good Christians.’ I hope they are resting in the joy of being themselves because Jesus is their life. Jesus is the glory of Father revealed. YOU ARE THE GLORY OF JESUS REVEAL. Jesus revealed His own glory by being true to Himself. He did this because He was one with His Father. So do you. Because the trinity lives in us we are the expression of all three. We are the sons of God. But we will not live in this sonship if we have defined ourselves as the sons of morality, the sons of Christianity or the sons who express our Christianised knowledge of good and evil as god-fearing church-goers.

As I passed a church today, I wondered about the quality of life that such congregations live. I wondered how many just lived a church-goer routine and surmised that this collection of behaviours, this routine, is all there is. I wondered how many think this is the Kingdom of God. Recently with the open condemnation of gay people and the castigation of marriage equality I was disappointed at the inference that the front line of the Kingdom of God is morality and judgement. Of course it would be if that is what God is to you.

The Kingdom of God is Christ and His life. The Kingdom of Jesus the life of all. It is the drawing in of sinners by Jesus into the life of God. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. No condemnation because the Kingdom of not the knowledge of good and evil with Jesus supervising. The Kingdom is Christ’s life as our life. It is the vicarious humanity of Jesus applied to all. This is as different to rants against sin as a marble is from a human eye.


I wondered how many were a mere shadow of their humanity because it was not Christ who was there life but a Christian routine that put itself forward as their life. I wondered how many were living in shadows when the reality is Christ. I wondered how many were attempting to make the Kingdom out of Christian disciplines and rites when life and spirit is entirely to be found in Jesus. Do you think Jesus gave people rites and ceremonies to bless them? Not at all. He gave them Himself. There are no rites, ceremonies, days or times that lead to Jesus. On the contrary Christ our life imparts spirit and life to who we are and what we do.

By quality of life I mean spirit and life - because Jesus is our life by the Spirit. You can live a pedestrian life as a church-goer because you do not know that you are bigger on the inside than you are on the outside. You can live from methods and disciplines and find yourself living in shadows instead of the reality that is Christ. But anyone for whom Christ is life is incarnated with the trinity, the womb and hub of all that is alive and generous.


There is no substitute for Christ. Nothing that is not Jesus is capable of transmitting spirit and life. You can live as rib-cages and skeletal beings in the valley of dead men’s bone because Jesus is not manifest as you. Your real life has been absorbed and leeched out of you by the formalities of religion and your adherence to religious rules that negate Christ by smothering Him with our own dead works.


In the new covenant age any ‘observance’ smothers Christ and diminishes you. This is the age in which Jesus shows us things that are called by His name, yet are not Him, that He is asking us to lay down so that He can live unhindered in our being. It is the age of Christ our life unconditionally and absolutely. Grace has a purpose. But not so that we can continue in substitutes for Christ. Grace opens the door to the ability to separate spirit from flesh and Kingdom from religion – Because we are sons and as such, Jesus manifest.

I’m talking about being sons and daughters of God, not poetically or figuratively but in spirit and truth. People need to know that we began in eternity and are heading into its infinity because Christ is their life. People can know and live the reality that they are sons of God in the manner of Jesus being a son of God. They can be living in His relationship with His Father because He is there life. They are multiplying the life of Jesus because they are His Spirit manifest in their bodies and He is multiplied in the many who live from His fullness.


Let’s say this straight off, even though I have said this many times before. Christ is our life and we are the expression of His Spirit in us. It is the new testament way – the new and living way. This is as different to ‘living a from Christian behaviours and morals’ as an eagle is different to a paper plane. The Kingdom is not a moral life with Jesus help. Neither is it licence for dissolute living. But it is a holy life because we have chosen Christ and His life to the full. If you are a moralist you are probably not representing the Kingdom of God. If Christ is your life you are living as an over-comer and a son. The incarnation is the ultimate manifestation of grace.

I had always considered ‘Be holy as God is Holy’ as an irritating impossibility. In grace and the incarnation it is not. It’s the reality. The incarnation of Christ in us is the ultimate grace: It is a
life that is not ours that is ours! When Christ is your life, you are who you are as an expression of Jesus and a true representation of a son who is both whole and holy. In this grace we live in the grace of His cross and the grace of His wholeness replicating Himself in us. We have space to know and to grow. And we are always safe in Jesus – not judged by the pace or degree of change but accounted worthy because God is for us and the sign of this is Christ.

But as moralists we are not whole and even if we manage some kind of pious conformity we may not be gracious people or exhibit the capacity to love. Let’s remember that moralists put Jesus on the cross. They often to the same to each other.

In Christ you will live dangerously and love deeply. You will not condemn others but you will live in a new and living way of life that overflows your being. You will be an example of lived-out grace and hope. You will have a daily presentation of the self that is alive with the spirit and life and the fullness of God, giving you the confidence and the blessedness of a human being who does life without guilt or self-righteousness. ‘In Him is life than that life is your light.’