Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


None need live in separation from God today. We have been given union. This is our modus operandi and the way of the Kingdom. We can continue dining on a picnic of religious bits and pieces or we can eat Jesus. Those who eat Him live because of Him. They are the manifestation of our Father and are sons in spirit and in truth.

One of the illusions of religious piety is that there is a dichotomised world – a world where God is and a world where our carnal selves hang out and God is not. The worst version is that He is repelled by us. More inane versions are that religion has nothing to do with life. Once in my Bible class I made a worksheet with a picture of a young man at the beach. He was relaxing after an enjoyable surf. I had a speech balloon coming from his head that said, ‘I thank you Lord that I can enjoy this warming sun and wondrous green ocean.’ A fundamentalist parent with a shrunken soul took exception to this and removed his child from the class. I have since wondered if he had removed him from real life to live in the realm of religiosity. On the other hand a theologian I quite often utilise in these posts is highly intelligent, creative and perceptive. He has an apostolic ministry though he would be the last to say so. He is a fly fisherman with a hobby of inventing amazing lures.

In common parlance this artificial boundary is called ‘sacred and secular.’ There was none of this before the fall. There became lots of it when man entered the realm of the knowledge of good and evil and began to divide up existence according to his own definitions – dividing it on the supposition that man was a god. Some of the divisions were valid. Most are futile. There were no such division in the beginning. There is none now – not in the mind of Christ or the Kingdom of God. HE HAS MADE THE TWO ONE. These words have their overt application to the Jews and Gentiles. But their greater meaning is the union of people and the earth with God and heaven.

‘For in him we live and move and have our being.' As some of your own poets have said, 'We are his offspring'’ Acts 17.28 NIV.

I’ve noticed in the papers recently that there’s a ‘thing’ about ‘fat shaming.’ Jesus told us not to judge. But there are issues of greater moment than ‘fat shaming’ – the chief one being society’s separation from God. This separation and resulting dichotomies are the province of the knowledge tree, the law and humanistic ethical systems. But they do not come from God and they do not give us dignity let alone make us Godly.

A friend of mine was invited to go on a mission to trip. ‘She would ponder it,’ she said. She wanted to be sure it was God’s will she was following and not her own.’ But she need not have bothered. Had she been alive in the Spirit, living in the consciousness of the new covenant where we and Father are one – she may have understood that living in the inheritance of a son, God’s heart is our heart, God’s will our will and God’s intentions our intentions Our intentions because we are one by the One Spirit. There is no separation in God. Not in time, not in space and not in the Spirit. We live in the One Spirit. Today you and Father are one.

‘But the person who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with him’ 1 Cor 6.17 NLT.

Many holy men and women of God retreat to the desert or a peaceful place to find more of God. What they find there is less distractions God and more focus on He who is real. But God is no more present in the desert than He is in the metropolis. When we live in God we simply bring our sense of His reality from the desert into the hurly-burly of daily living. There is no place that God is not and He is always in you – even when you sin and especially in your sinning. He hurries to where He is most needed to impart forgiveness and life.

When Jesus cried. ‘It is finished,’ the alienation between God and ourselves was undone. Union with God was now ours in Jesus and in no spatio-temporal thing. He had made the two one. When Paul declares that Christ is our life he is saying that God is our life because we are in God and He is in us.

When Christ is our life, we ourselves are alive and become life multipliers, life imparters, touching inert and dead things with the supernatural spirit of heaven. The more we live in this life and hide ourselves in Christ our life the more we are saturated with spirit and truth. This is new covenant life, you as a son and the expression of our Father in the same manner as Jesus.

Live from a moral frame-work and you will never be a real person let alone a son of God. Genuine sons are the Father manifest as you. Big difference. The difference between religion and sonship.

The extent to which we attempt to extract life from special places, Sabbaths and imagined sacred behaviours, the more we deplete ourselves of real life and live in religion. It is not chance that the religious are as blind as bats and as insensitive to spiritual death as marrows and water melons. There is good reason why we should be in step with Father and His new covenant. We can see life, discern death and we are competent to minister spirit and life.

‘He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant--not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life’ 2 Cor 3.6 NIV.

The notion that we enter God’s presence through praise and worship is an illusion of the institutional church and its religiosity. It supports the notion that God and His presence is in a special place, a separated domain detached from normal living. The fact is that God is always with you, in you and incarnated in your everyday doings. Live in what He has accomplished for you and cast off the humbug of religion. You will enjoy God, know yourself and flourish as you were made to be.

In the new covenant Kingdom of God. A theologian of sharp discernment has written,

The secular becomes sacred. There are no longer two worlds. We no longer must leave the secular world to find sacred space because they've come together. That was the significance of the temple veil rending when Jesus died. The temple divided reality into the holy world inside and the unholy world outside. That's why Jesus said the temple had to fall. "Not a stone shall stand on a stone." Our word "profane" comes from the words pro and fan um, which means "outside the temple." Teilhard de Chardin said there is nothing profane for those who have learned how to see. There is only one world, and it's the supernatural one. There is no "natural" world where God is not. [There is no day or place where God is not] It is all supernatural. All the bushes burn now if you have seen one burn. Only one tree has to fill up with light and angels, and then you never see trees the same way again.’