Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


The gospel of the Kingdom is simply amazing and amazingly simple. Jesus said, ‘I am the way.’ Paul said, ‘Christ is our life.’ Jesus presented Himself as the living channel of the spirit and life that begins in the trinity and makes its way through the vine of His person into our being. This is it: Christ as you. This does not mean we are deity. But we are sons and we are each a manifestation of Jesus and our Father.

‘When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory’
COL 3.4 NIV. You will have glory in the presence of Jesus. More importantly we have glory today as our sonship is revealed in uniqueness because Christ is our life.


It’s amazing how people want to add to this; how they feel the need to add that Christian stuff; those grave clothes from which we have been liberated in order to wear Christ Himself. Some fear that if any of the institutionalised fabric is taken away, they will be left naked and alone. But they will not. They will be clothed in God and always in His presence. More to the point, when Jesus Himself is our life, we are living in the union God has gifted us with. We experience our healing and growth into wholeness. Our soul loneliness dissolves and we ourselves became channels of His life instead of dry creeks of religious conformity.

Jesus’ expulsion of the money-changers was the prophetic expulsion of religion and those who parasite off it. The actual expulsion came about from His cross, resurrection and establishing of new covenant life. Jesus is not the genesis of institutionalised corporations of religion. He does not birth us into religion with its observances, routines and false system of honour. He births us into Himself and the trinity.

From our position in God flows the new creation Kingdom of God. Christ our life is the simple, powerful, communal life of the trinity alive in you and those who have believed that they are already received into the fellowship of God. This is the community of sons as compared to the community of prisoners, slaves and workers. The Enemy has pulled a swift causing many to believe they are beggars when they are kings.


Kriston Couchey writes, ‘
He has clothed with Himself His people, and His people with Himself. The structures of wickedness fall. Intimidation, fear, flattery, bribery, manipulation, control; all who walk by these wicked devices are being removed from influence and power as He places in their stead His own throne.’ This is instructive. Instructive because it describes the truth of the incarnation – the great reality of the new testament age – God in us, us in God and the multiplication of this life in us, into the entire creation. This is the transformation of the world.

The quote is also instructive because it differentiates between carnal weapons of the world – manipulation, political pressure and various kinds of social control that originate in the knowledge of good and evil. Have nothing to do with them.


You don’t need institutionalised church to be a son of God. But you do need other people. All who are in Christ represent an aspect of Him. People for whom Jesus is life represent an aspect of His person to us – not to mention that they enrich our lives simply by being themselves.

There is a church that Jesus builds without human hands – His rebirth of you and those aligned with Him and built out of His person. Christ our life is His person manifest as His Kingdom where you are. Avoid cunningly devised fabrications and reductionism which is the reduction of the spirit life of Jesus to the letter with its formulae and traditions of men. Jesus makes us more whole, more human, and more sons and daughters of God – not more abstract and disjointed phantoms of our real selves. In Jesus you are whole human being and a life-giving spirit!