Christ in you - His Kingdom in the world


Since Christ is our life we enjoy the liberty of being who we are as an expression of Him. All who are in Christ are the expression of Christ. In Him they are an accurate and authentic expression of themselves. Christ in the individuality and uniqueness of each person is Christ manifest in the diversity of the church.
We have full liberty to be ourselves in Christ. No liberty at all to posit a different Christ, another gospel and a retreat to the old and dead way of the pre-cross era. Christ is not a means of keeping the law or performing to accumulate merit with God. He is the righteousness of God. He is the merit of God and He lives in you to express Himself through you.
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. The only way. His life incarnated in each and as the church is the Kingdom writ large and demonstrated before the world. We have no liberty to promote the law when God has given us His Son. We have no permission to alter Father’s command to believe His son. And we have no dispensation to choose the way of the law when Jesus has asserted that He Himself is our life. We have no right to construct our own gospel when God has given us the gospel of the Kingdom which is His Son from first to last.
We have no permission to keep all of the law or cling to bits of the law. Christ is all in all or we are not what we could be.
The challenged saint for whom Jesus is life is always better off than the content legalist living from her fundamentals and commandments.
When John warned that truth was expressed as Christ come in the flesh of the Believer he was aiming at the
Gnosticism that had infiltrated the church. Yet there is a fuller meaning for us today. This intent and meaning is that Christ has come in you to live through you by His Spirit.
This is the difference between His gospel and gospels that are the doctrines of demons.
Any teaching that takes us back to the law fits this criteria. Any teaching in which life and righteousness is realized because Christ lives in  us and is our life is the gospel of the Kingdom - a gospel in which the sons of God are such because they have become rooted in our Father through Jesus. As such they are apostolic people in the manner of Jesus. In Him we are one with our Father and represent our Father to the world.
None linked to the law are apostolic in the manner of Jesus or Paul.
It is a tragedy when sincere people spend their entire lives as teachers, missionaries and pastors teaching a false gospel that unravels life in the Spirit and undoes the cross. I feel sorry for those who have given their lives to a delusion. Sad for those who worshiped in the name of God an error. I grieve for those who taught a distorted gospel with crippled godliness that produces crippled sons and daughters in the name of Christ. The best thing that can be said is that they did not know what they were doing. That there misadventure created a hunger for the gospel that is not a shadow. But the Reality that is Christ.
Because Christ is our life we are at liberty to express Him in the uniqueness of our personhood and community. But there is a kind of variety that has nothing to do with wholeness and everything to do with ill-health and disease. Those born without limbs are different but not whole. Infants born with a hole in the heart are loved but not complete.
Those who live in the law and a try-harder gospel of performance are sincere but crippled. To have an ‘other gospel’ perspective on what God did in Jesus and who we have become in Him is unbelief. It crucifies Jesus again. It cuts us off from spiritual healing and the getting of  wholeness that is ours in Christ. It saps us of spirit and life. Jesus is life and this life is the life of all. This is the gospel of Jesus, John and Paul. Make sure its your gospel.