Christ Expressed as You and as Us


Jesus said unto them, ‘There are many among you who talk ‘wedding’ but never get to live ‘union.’

There comes a time when we must realise that spirit and life is not in the things we are doing but is in Christ and hence in us. The mystery of Godliness is that God lives in you and Has woven Himself into your being. Advancing into our own glory and into life without limit where the sacrament is you in your life comes to us as we realise that because of Jesus, life is us.

Life is you and you are spirit and you are life – because Christ is your life.

In Christ you are capable of saying, ‘I am the way the truth and the life’ because you are one with Father, with the Son and Holy Spirit. The plan in not for you to emulate some Christian virtues. The plan is for you to be a daughter/a son of God.

‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. Knowing God is less about information and more a state of being one – as in ‘knowing’ one’s spouse. Richard Rohr writes,


We must move our knowing to the bodily, cellular, participative, and thus unitive level. We must keep eating and drinking the Mystery, until one day it dawns on us, in an undefended moment, “My God, I really am what I eat! I also am the Body of Christ.”

Then we can henceforth trust and allow what has been true since the first moment of our existence. As I mentioned before, the Eucharist should operate like a stun gun, not just a pretty ceremony. We have dignity and power flowing through us in our bare and naked existence—and everybody else does too, even though most do not know it.

A body awareness of this sort is enough to steer and empower our entire faith life, while merely assenting to or saying the words will never give us the jolt we need to absorb the divine desire for us—and for Itself. Frankly, we’re talking about the difference between receiving a sincere Valentine’s Day card that says, “I love you,” and making physical, naked, and tender love to someone you deeply care about and who cares for you.
” (1)


Belonging in the Body of Christ is much more than an assertion uttered from the viewpoint of the law. It’s a state of being that involves Christ’s body and yours. Genuine belonging is ours because Christ has actually come in the world and come in our flesh. We are the Bride of Christ or not, because we are among the ‘also rans’: The foolish virgins.

We are not alive in Christ because we have a line of scriptures that supports a belief or an ideology. We are alive with spirit and life because God came into the world in Jesus Christ and then God in the Spirit of Sonship came into you: Incarnation.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Universal Christ (pp. 136-137). SPCK. Kindle Edition.