Infinite life


When Paul spoke of our being hidden in Christ, he did not mean that we lose our identity. He meant that we gain who we are. When Jesus spoke of us sharing in His glory he meant that in Him we were aging the ability to be our true selves in order to minister His life as ourselves. The wholeness of the creation is healed and restored as the community of the saints minister the healing that has been apportioned them in Christ.

Jesus does not make us someone else. He always makes us more of a person than we were. We grow in personhood as we abandon legalisms and substitutes for His direct presence. It’s a mistake to pattern our lives on someone else – other than pressing into some fullness they have in Christ that we could have.

Christ come in the flesh was not a disjunction caused by the fall but a realisation of the plan made before the foundation of the world. Thomas Torrance observes that, “
Since in Jesus Christ there became flesh the very Word of God through whom all human beings are created and without whom no single human being has ever existed, the corning of that Word in Jesus Christ must be regarded as a continuation of God's creation and as the bringing of his creative activity to bear intensively upon what God has already made, thereby reinforcing its creaturely status, and, in our case, its human status.

That is partly what is meant by the doctrine of the hypostatic union, in which divine nature and human nature are thought of as being united in the one Person of the incarnate Son, in such a way that they are neither separated from one another nor confounded with one another, and in such a way that neither nature suffers loss or change through relation to the other.
” (1) Similarly Christ is our life and as a result we become more fully ourselves to minister His life in the individuality that is ours.

The main expression of Christ your life is you. This is the prime manifestation of the Spirit. Spiritual gifts, you may have – but they will be gifts that are the essential nature of you and not other people. Don’t expect that other people will have a healing gift because you do. When you can give up trying to get others to do what God has authorised you to do in ministry you will enjoy a better relationship with others as well as a more fruitful ministry yourself.

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