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We do not live from the law in the post cross age. Not if we are sons of God in spirit and in truth. Christ is our life full stop. This is life in the Spirit. It’s God incarnated in you. So we do not live from the law. Christ is our life as Paul declares. If we have attempted to live from a grid of behaviours sourced from a supposedly prophetic figure we have been living from a lie. Jesus is not a law-monger and neither is He a micro-manager.

By living from the law we are only nominally members of the Body of Christ. We belong to the Body of the Law – which Paul said is ‘this body of death’ from which we have been delivered by Christ (Rom 7.24).


We become who we are as a result of the ‘mirror’ into which we look. Richard Rohr speaks of the false self and the true self. The former is who we have attempted to make ourselves in the tradition of Adam and the culture that Paul calls the culture of legalism. This is not some deeply immoral state of being. It just the ‘false us’ that comes from the seeking of an identity in the culture of the ‘father of lies.’

The real self is who we grow into as a result of looking into the Mirror who is the person of Jesus. Here we see who we can become and who we really are. Richard teaches that “You (and every other created thing) begins with your own divine DNA, an inner destiny as it were, an absolute core that knows the truth about you, a true believer tucked away in the cellar of your being, an imago Dei that begs to be allowed, to be fulfilled, and to show itself.” Some would know of this real self. Our hearts often know what our minds do not. Hearts know when they are being short-changed in the world and in the spirit – if they have not been anesthetised by religion and bad doctrine.
Some have never encountered the real self because it has been hidden in law-based religion and old covenant delusion. All of the old covenant is a perversion of the real because it is the realm of the Father of lies. But this realm was extinguished at the cross. So why continue to live in it and more to the point ‘why make a ‘faith out of it’ when we are able to live in the person who is spirit and truth?
Rohr continues, “The only way that freedom and relationship grow is through a dance between the loneliness and desperation of the false self and the fullness of the True Self, which is ever re-discovered and experienced anew as an ultimate homecoming. Your false self is how you define yourself outside of love, relationship, or divine union.” Your true self is who you are in relationship with Christ. It is who you are becoming in union with our Father and it is the ‘knowing of yourself’ in which you are being educated in by revelation from Holy Spirit.
Francois Du Toit, author of The Mirror Bible offers this understanding: “
To live by the faith of the son of God means to live in the consciousness of the same sonship that Jesus enjoys.” This is present truth and truth that has been truth since the cross and Pentecost.