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Anything that is untrue limits life. The most drastic example of this has been the spread of covid 19 in the United States as a result of denial and lying on a massive scale. We are in a season where stupid ideas are given legitimacy because they have been said. Once we only had to contend with opinionated and boorish relatives. Now so many are in on the act.

Death by one thousand applications of un-truth is more subtle than this – taking the form of spiritual disease and decay.

We are deadened as individuals and communities to the extent that what we believe about reality is false. This is why we need to have our being in Jesus and not in some lesser entity. In the New Testament we have been gifted the person of Jesus as our truth and our life. By the Spirit Jesus lives in us and manifests as us. In His life we have what Jesus has. We have His fellowship with Father and Holy Spirit. We also have His relationship with Himself and the relationship Holy Spirit and Father have to themselves. They know themselves as they are and live in the verisimilitude of their being. They live in oneness and joy.

God is both grace and truth. It is this grace and truth that undoes crippled and pained life and infuses us with the fullness of His spirit and life. If we have been living in the fragmentation of rebellion or the coma of religion and we go through the door of Christ our life we will begin to live in continual healing and have encountered infinite life.

The point I am leading to is this. If we are not living in the entirety of Christ’s truth then our spirit will be dulled and our soul will be sick. An attachment to lies has a debilitating effect on our sprit and our soul - infusing our being with a degree of death. Should we be living in anything other than the person of Jesus - like the law and religion, we will be insulated from God, from our real selves and from others. If the law is our inner man, we are quite a different being to one for whom Christ is our inner man. In the former our spirit and soul are considerably dormant. In the latter we are growing in life.


It’s possible to live in a bubble of misunderstanding and rusted on attachement to false doctrine and be trapped in this bubble, either because we have developed an answer for everything or constructed our reality to fit our suppositions. This is the most persistent kind of prison, yet not one that Jesus cannot set captives free from.


We must distinguish between the old covenant and the old covenant mindset. The treasure of the new covenant and its upwelling of resurrection life belongs to the believer whether or not she believes it. But she must possess it in order for it to bear fruit in her life. Truth, must not only be understood. It has to be possessed and acted on. Knowing there is a bus going to Box Hill is not as useful as being on the bus that is on its way there.


So, let’s leave behind the vanity that my perspective is just as valid as yours. If all perspectives are equally valid then none is valid and there is no truth. But there is truth and when we have it - it sets us free. Free from what? From futility, humbug and degree of death.


The Enemy of Souls knows he is defeated, yet does his best to hollow out the victory of Jesus. Satan does this by purveying false facts and false news. He presents a lesser christ, or an unapproachable christ and many variations of a false christ, along with a false and vitiated gospel to the naïve, the careless and the bigoted. He knows that if he can persuade people to be opinionated; if he can get people to absorb false doctrine and be proud of it, they will live from the false reality so created. In so doing they will diminish themselves and impede the Kingdom. Satan does not mind if we have some advances as long as what we are promoting is essentially a lie, life-denying and subversive of the new creation.

‘He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant--not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life’ 2 Cor 3.6 NIV.


New covenant ministry is competent because it is the truth about Christ, about the inheritance gifted you and the truth about you. The truth is that to see Jesus is to see yourself. This is who you really are. Jesus is the Mirror. Only new covenant ministry purveys the truth about you and the Kingdom of God. The core of the Kingdom is the incarnation - the trinity in you and you in the trinity. This is new creation advance in spirit and in truth.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. The thing is to realize it and live from it. The testimony of Jesus as see in in His life and as recorded in scripture is that He Himself is your life.
Francois Du Toit writes, “Beyond the tablet of stone, the papyrus scroll or parchment roll, human life has become the articulate voice of God. Jesus is the crescendo of God’s conversation with humankind; he gives context and content to the authentic thought. Everything that God had in mind for man is voiced in him. Jesus is God’s language.” 

In our being we can experience the resurrection of Christ when it is He and not religion that is our life. Unless Jesus is us we are essentially dead people walking, no matter how much apparent ministry success gives the illusion of God’s endorsement.

Christ is not only life. He is your life. The degree to which we are wrong about Jesus and His gospel is the degree to which some part of our body, soul or spirit is dead - like gangrenous. So there is no liberty to promote perspectives and gospels that differ from that of Jesus or Paul. There’s one gospel of the Kingdom and this is Jesus’ gospel. Any organisation that purports to have its own gospel is a thief and a liar. Don’t attach yourself to blind leaders of the blind when you can see. You have one Jesus who is Lord and one Husband who is Christ. Don’t be among those who come to the ends of their journey without knowing that for their entire lives they have lived inside a delusion.
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