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If there is a theologian who is the prime Explainer of the atonement and incarnation in modern times, it would have to be Thomas Torrance (1913-2007). Torrance was a missionary, a preacher and theology lecturer who steeped himself in the scriptures, the Church Father’s, Reformed theology and the works of Barth and Calvin. He represented our life in Jesus not as an attachment to words and propositions but as our inclusion in God as a state of being.


No one who reads Torrance would be left with the impression that faith is an attachment to words about God. But they will sure get the message that we have more than a faith. We are included in the Family of God and more. By the incarnation God is woven into our being and we into His. - so that we are sons and daughters in spirit and in truth. In the incarnation we have a similar relationship to God to which God has to Himself in the trinitarian union. Thus, as sons/daughters we are part of God and truly ourselves. We need to be aware that The Enemy will offer any dilution no matter how small to suffocate the stupendous life flow that this is for the sons of God.


Instruction by Torrance and theologians who have been influenced by his teaching is an excellent antidote to the misinformation that has come our way through legalism and fundamentalism. He may not be an easy read. But those who have read and understood the Gospel Torrance portrays minister more of Christ’s life than they did before.


Torrance writes “
That 'great mystery', as St Paul described it, of the union between Christ and his Church is primarily and essentially corporate in nature, but it applies to all individual members of his Body who are ingrafted into Christ by Baptism and continue to live in union with him as they feed upon his body and blood in Holy Communion.


“Since the Church is rooted in the
hypostatic and atoning union embodied in the person of the Mediator the description of the Church as the Body of Christ is not a figurative way of speaking of some external moral union between believing people and Jesus Christ, but an expression of the ontological reality of the Church concorporate with Christ himself, who not only mediates reconciliation between man and God but constitutes and embodies it in his own divine-human Reality as Mediator.”

You are one with Father because Jesus is one with Father. We are joined to Christ in Christ. We are joined to God in Christ. We participate in Christ’s righteousness because He is in us by the Spirit and becomes us in our flesh. The fruit of Christ is you. And the Church. And the new creation Kingdom of God.