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It’s a great advantage to live from Christ’s gospel rather than attempt to stumble along in some gospel of our own. If we have never made the effort to know Jesus and live in the fullness of what He has given us it is probable that we have a warped idea of what our inheritance is or we may even a gospel that negates the inheritance that the enterprise of the trinity achieved for us. We need not be overtly wicked people to have owned a Christ who is not the Christ of God or followed a gospel that is quite a perversion of Christ’s own Gospel.

It’s possible that we may have spent out lives pumping up support for a gospel that is ‘another gospel’ and produced something that looks like the Kingdom but is in fact a field of tares.


Some variations in Christian belief have no substance and no bearing on our lives. But any variation that suggests that the atonement is not complete or that we remain in the law and beholden to any part of it diminishes the effect of Christ in us and in some case suffocates Christ’s life in us almost completely.


vicarious humanity of Jesus is a fact and is there for us whether we are aware of it or not. But it’s life-giving effect is not ours unless we believe it, step into it and agree with Christ about what He has done and what this means for us as human beings. Our beliefs here can mean the difference between living as crippled workers and living as life-giving spirits who emit spirit and life. We are talking about living from the mind of Christ rather than from the mind of man – particularly the kind of mind that has not left behind the life of Adam to live in the new covenant life of Christ.

Christ Himself is our life. Not a Christian routine. He is for us and His Spirit becomes us.


It’s about oneness with God. Not assembling a bunch of proof-text assertions with is the habit of legalism.

Torrance thinks the human mind of Christ is something to be taken literally. Not only throughout Christ’s earthly life, death and resurrection, but also ascended … the man Jesus with his human mind and his perfect theology is still in union and communion with the Triune God, and from that flows all good and true theology. It gets embodied in the apostolic mind through the nucleus of relations that Jesus establishes with the apostolic community, particularly the 12 apostles – mediated to us through the New Testament. So we have access to the mind of Christ.” (1)


Apostleship is not about presiding over a big church or having a following. It’s possible to have a following but not be a spiritual or apostolic leader because we live in a pit and speak to people who have made a life out of their pit. Some Believers choose pits and pit leaders because they think their pit gives them some status and identity.


Today apostolic teaching along with its spirit and life flows from those who live in the reality of their inheritance which is they and their Father are one. The manifestation of union with God is them. Their teaching is a dimension of the mind of Christ about Himself and about us. It may purvey correct information. But its essence is spirit and life.

We have access to the mind of Christ through the words of the New Testament writers and powerfully and lucidly through the reality of Christ in us. The incarnation has the ability to advantage everyone but particularly those who purpose to know God and Jesus Christ whom God has sent. Jesus says that

‘Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me’ (Matt 10.37 NIV). This is the reason why the pure in heart ‘see God’ and those with a divided heart see through a fog and purvey what is not God and what is not the Believer.


In the scripture above Jesus is saying that knowing Him as He is has a cost and a reward. Anyone willing to pay that price will have more than one who never ventures outside their received beliefs. Again Jesus said, ‘
Those who have will have more and those who are too casual about what they have already are in danger of losing all they have.’


Agree that Jesus is your life. Spirit and life is the difference between religion and the Kingdom of God. We can be the embodiment of spirit and life because Christ is our life and we and He are one. Such persons do better than emit drops of moisture. They gush rivers of living water because they are alive.

1) Anderson, Ray; Colyer, Elmer; Dawson, Gerrit; Deddo, Gary; Kettler, Christian; Kruger, Baxter; McKenna, John; McSwain, Jeff; Newell, Roger; Young, Paul. Trinitarian Conversations, Volume 1: Interviews With Ten Theologians (You're Included) (p. 53). Kindle Edition.