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Christ our life is His Kingdom in the world. The kingdom of God is more than morality - at least more than sexual morality. There is a morality and an ethic that is very much to do with how we treat the poor and how we nurture the earth we have been given as a home.


God sent His Son to be our life because He loves the world and the earth. I am often appalled that people deny climate change and attempt to attribute it to some cause other than the human race. Kind of like ‘The dog ate my homework..’ Appalled too when Christian friends try to pass it off as a one world government conspiracy, a green fetish, a socialist fraud or a punishment God is doing to naughty humanity. Many of God’s ‘judgments’ are simply the result of living as if He is not real and from our own miniscule and self-serving view of righteousness.


It’s easy enough to talk church and live the world. Some of us talk second coming and live as though He is never coming. ‘Having a bob each way’ we call it.

If we believe, with the world that happiness and security is had in possessing as many things as possible, then it should come as no surprise that humanity is sucking the life out of the earth. Could it be that it is all too easy to wave one’s hands about in praise and worship and consider ourselves ‘worshipers.’ Then go home to immerse ourselves in the world system that God calls Babylon and live as though this has no effect on the creation and our responsibility to sustain it.


Let’s be clear. It’s not ok to be a nice person and embrace dumb ideas like climate change is not happening. Having a nice group of friends with whom we are in community is not an excuse for ideas that are mis-informed and stupid. One of the dumbest opinions I heard in favour of climate illiteracy is that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Actually the people who ignored His life were the only people Jesus condemned.


Sure, I know we all have to make a living. But the Kingdom starts as a speck and grows to fill the entire earth. Maybe we need to consider that what we might have is ‘churchiness’ and not at all Jesus the King and His Kingdom. We need to remember that we are representatives of the new creation. We must stop divesting ourselves of responsibility and our role as stewards of the earth. We could stop off-loading our responsibility with notions of rapture and second coming. We could do something about putting the first coming into effect. After all Christ lives in us. The trinity lives in Believers. Or not. Holy Spirit is not a spirit of ecological vandalism.


When Christ is our life we become His new creation Kingdom in the world. When Jesus comes He will not be coming to commend those who have buried His kingdom with their heads in the ground. He will commend those who have been faithful with the Kingdom seed that is in them. We can do better than bleat prophetic words of ignorance and nonsense.