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There are versions of Christianity that are uncomfortable with life, truth, intelligence and wisdom. Similar to governments with which Australians might be familiar, these entities resent people of education and intelligence because they expose the double-talk and self-interest on which their corporate life is based.


Vested interests hated Jesus Christ for the same reasons. But Jesus being life, truth and the way of accomplishing life in its infinity lived as the I AM of Himself, the Revealer of Father and the Mirror of ourselves. Jesus is never a promoter of the toadstool under the log version of life or the centipede in the dead leaves kind of un-life. Neither did He represent the terrible body/wonderful mind kind of Platonism that imbues legalism and fundamentalism. There is no dualism in Christ. He makes the two one and draws all things into Himself (Eph 1.10).


Don’t expect to be a whole person if living from the law. Expect to live a passive or comatose version of yourself or a mean and selfish hypocrite. Or alternatively a silly person who follows every conspiracy theory that presents itself. Jesus does not represent piety or religiosity. There is nothing of the skeletal version of human godliness in Christ as represented by the valley of dry bones. But there is total fullness of life in Christ our life that puts to death versions of godliness that are mere expressions of the knowledge of good and evil.

The beauty of the Godliness Jesus multiplies is that it makes us more human, never less. Christ incarnated in people is the means of the new creation advancing in the earth in ordinary people who live incarnated lives. While the summation of this will be seen in heaven a great substance of this is ours in the present.


Myk Habets following Torrance observes that, “
When Christ comes again, we shall see him in his glory and in that seeing we shall know as we are known and so we shall become like him. The resurrection of believers at the last day is not to an incorporeal spirit-state, but a physical resurrection like Christ’s.

To be spiritual is not to be less human but more fully and truly human, as it was for Christ before us. As our Head, Christ’s life experience will one day be that of those united to him by the Holy Spirit: as he was raised to newness of life and into a glorified state so we too will be.

Torrance reminds us that as surely as in Holy Communion we eat the bread and drink the wine which become assimilated into our own physical existence, so surely we who partake of the body and blood of Christ given for us will rise with him out of the grave into newness of life, attaining at last the redemption of the body in the new creation

Christ our life begins now and culminates in the not yet. But the grace of Christ is ours in entirety in the present, so that we may live in Him with the freedom to grow into our better selves in this life. To be you in Christ is your glory.